Last night the San Antonio Spurs proved why they are one of the best teams of the decade as they obliterated the Miami Heat 113-77. As the Spurs were on fire, the Heat were ice cold. The Spurs who have lost only 3 games this post season, have proven worthy to give Miami a run for their money.  They played an incredible team game last night, with Danny Green and Gary Neal having stellar performances. Danny Green scored an impressive 27 points, Neal finish with 24 and was 6/10 from beyond the arc. With this the Spurs nailed down sixteen 3’s, which is a Finals record and proved to be the nail in Miami’s coffin.


As the Spurs were putting on a show for their home crowd last night, it appeared the Miami Heat checked out of the game. Instead of trying to will their way back into the game, Miami appeared to just throw in the towel and give up;  which is something we have yet to see from the reigning Champions. The Heat last night looked disengaged, and again the once great team chemistry was absent. After the first half Miami was exhausted and disorderly, and looked almost as if they checked out of the game; while the Spurs kept pressing on.


Although this series is far from over, this was a huge win for the Spurs, as the next two games are in their building. The Spurs were in complete domination mode last night, and it seems as if Popovich has found a way to stop LeBron James. LeBron had arguably his worst playoff performance last night fishing just 7/21 from the floor and he didn’t even make it to the line; and with the other members of the big three not making an impact Miami’s fate was sealed. Simply put, 15 points from LeBron James just isn’t enough!


We’ve seen the Heat rise from the ashes several times this season, after losses they always come back with huge games, now we’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to see if that will once again be the case. Or will the so called “old” Spurs be riding high on momentum and  take over the series? Game 4 takes place Thursday night at 9pm in San Antonio.

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